Breaking and building since 1981.

My earliest memories are of breaking things. I broke things for a long time before I finally learned how to put things back together. Now, I spend a lot of my time building things, teams, experiences, and companies. 

I've been a product guy dressed in marketer's clothing, a creative director acting as a technologist, and a strategist playing as a business analyst.

My skills lie in navigating the overlaps between these disciplines, and I specialize in leading businesses, driving organizational change, creating beautiful work, and building effective, loyal teams.

My background is pretty diverse. I have a degree in photography from Rutgers University, and a masters from the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

I've worked at magazines, helped start ad-agencies, and noodled for major tech companies (I've also spent time at ad agencies and magazines acting as tech companies).

I can be reached by e-mail here. You can find me on Twitter @vikramtank. If you'd like to see my resume, feel free to e-mail me or look here.