There are places in our life that we all want to remember, whether it’s the spot we met our first love, the park we played in as children, or that great bottle of wine you had last week at that restaurant. Remmbr is a service based on the idea that remembering should be easy. Remmbr allows you to simply take a photo of the place that you’re trying to remember, upload it, and retrieve your memories by tag, title or location. Remmbr isn’t a replacement for flickr, picasa, etc, but works with those services to help you get to your memories faster. We always have our phones on us, and as such they are usually better for capturing the impromptu and casual moments of life than our large digital cameras. Remmbr plots these images on a map for you and provides an easy interface for you to retrieve them. Another important feature of Remmbr is the ability to share your memories.

As opposed to the share all method of most sites and of user-gen business review sites like Yelp, Remmbr reintroduces the the idea of meaningful recommendations. When you have a friend coming in from out of town you can send them places from your Remmbr map, giving them a personalized guide to your area. This method allows you to get and receive recommendations and suggestions from people you trust instead of strangers. Also the ease of sharing a map allows saves time on both ends.

Remmbr was built as a prototype using an iOS front-end tied to a PHP, MySQL backend.  We did not pursue development further as better tools like Foursquare came to market.